Dancing (blue)

Dinner (light amber)

About Our Uplighting

  • Battery Powered and Wireless - Built in 20 hour battery plus the lights can change color in sync with each other.  No messy power cables needed.  We can place them anywhere in the room!
  • Small and Compact - Uplights come in a white casing and blend into the existing decor.
  • 6 Built in Colors to Match Your Decor.  With Red, Green, Blue, White, Amber and UV LED's, we can mix the colors to the exact look of your event.  

Check out a video of the lights in action:


Highlight unique features of the room

Custom colors to match your decor

Transform your venue with a wash of color.

Wireless & Battery Powered Uplighting

Below is an example of a wedding with uplighting.  We set the color to a light amber during dinner, but the client wanted a cool blue feel during dancing.  With the push of a button all the lights change color together.  Imagine the possibilities at YOUR event!

Uplighting can change ANY room.  Below are before and after photos of a Bar Mitzvah in the warehouse at Camden Yards in Baltimore, MD.  Our lights are bright enough to overpower the dark brick and truly transform the room