Q: When do we meet to go over details of our party?
A: Typically, we will have an initial phone conversation about 4-6 weeks prior to your event.  This will be just a general overview, and you can fill me in on planning that has already been completed.  About 2-3 weeks prior to your party, we will discuss schedule, music, and other information that has been finalized.

Q: What time do you arrive, and do we have to pay for your set up and clean up time?
A: I arrive approximately one hour prior to the start of your party.  You do not have to pay for the time spent during set up and take down.

Q: What do you need when you arrive at the party?
A: For my load in purposes, I would prefer a straight path to the party room, avoiding any stairs if possible.  For setup purposes, I will need at least one 6 foot table, skirted with a table cloth if possible.  Please make sure that my table is covered from any weather elements (sun, rain) and within 50 feet of a power source.

Q: I went to a party recently and the music was just too loud.  Will you be able to keep the music at an appropriate level?
A: My goal is to make everyone happy at your event.  When I adjust my volume during sound checks, I try to make sure that the music is loud enough that your guests can dance, but quiet enough for guests dancing to hold a conversation.  As always, you will have full control over my volume, so if something is too loud or too soft, please let me know and a simple turn of the knob can adjust the volume.

Q: Will you play longer than the stated time on your contract?
A: If available, I will play overtime, though this cannot be guaranteed.  Overtime is billed at a prorated rate of the original hourly booking charge, and is calculated every 15 minutes. 

Q: What will you wear?
A: What do you want me to wear?  I can wear everything from a tuxedo down to a suit, slacks and a polo, or even more casual than that.  It all depends on what type of party you are having.  Please let me know of any party themes, and I will do my best to dress for that theme.

Q: Who picks the music?
A: Though you are hiring me as your DJ to read the crowd, we will discuss music in advance and I will play as many of your requests as possible.  We will also create a do not play list of songs you would prefer not played at your event.  Your guests may also discuss music with me at the party.  I will do everything I possibly can to satisfy all requests.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below, please find some frequently asked questions regarding my services and the specifics of your party.  If I have not addressed a question of yours, please don't hesitate to ask.